Sample Policy Briefs

These briefs should not be followed in format or style. They provide a snapshot of public policy topics, within various fields, and illustrates how policy problems have been presented.

None of these is perfect nor exactly how your paper should look.The Eco. Development brief is a good an example of how not having a conclusion can hurt your paper. The environmental paper was written by current Policy Phd student, when she worked at Duke. We don’t expect your paper to be at this caliber, but it is a good example of how she simplified her genre knowledge (Chapter 2 – Writing for Policy) so that the topic could be easily understood.

  • Biology: Addressing the Causes of Tropical Deforestation: Lessons Learned and the Implications for International Forest Carbon Policy – PDF
  • Economic Development: Restoration of Economic Vitality in Its Deteriorating Downtown: The On-going Challenges Faced by the City of Palmdale – DOC
  • International Development: Dying in Dafur from Disregard: Spread of the Conflict in Sudan – PDF